I love humans. This is my passion in life. I'm driven by curiosity to observe people and listen to their stories. I search and advocate for meaningful emotional connection. This is who I am in the world and this is what drives me as a designer. I aim to create innovative products and solutions that feel like gifts from the human that I/we are to the human(s) that you/they are. I seek to make an impact that is measured in quality before quantity and to enhance life responsibly. 

With over 14 years of experience designing consumer product goods, and two companies under my belt, I am well versed in a deep and varied technical and entrepreneurial skill set that supports my creative mission. Through user and market research/analysis, I target pockets of stagnation and challenge inherent assumptions to drive innovative breakthrough. I design solutions that are suitable for manufacturing, have high market viability, and provide meaningful experiences. Though my products often inspire a fleet of knock-offs, my business strategies ensure an uncontested leadership.

Aside from developing my businesses, I am working on growing a couple humans of my own and geeking out on performing Toastmasters and Moth speeches. 

Current favorite project: writing and recording Dreamscapes (guided visualizations) to help my 3 year old relax and sleep.